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Bouncing Back From Loss

How To Learn From Your Past, Heal the Present and Transform Your Future

Every once in a while a book comes along that changes everything. The time is now and Bouncing Back From Loss is that book.

In the first half of Bouncing Back From Loss, Donna Marie Thompson shares intimate details of a catastrophic relationship break up - a relationship that was at the very center of her life for more than 17 years - at the same time she was totally consumed with managing her mother's end-of-life needs. Needless to say Donna Marie was utterly devastated by both events.

In Bouncing Back From Loss, you have a front row seat into the pain and the despair. The dialogues provide a window into the multiple, yet futile attempts at reconciliation.

In the second half of Bouncing Back From Loss, Donna Marie charts the course of her recovery and shares with you the powerful tools that she used and that can bring about your own recovery as you bounce back from your loss.

Select the tools you need, the Bouncing Back From Loss book, the 5Es to Recovery Workbook, and the custom 5Es to Recovery custom coaching program.

Yes you can. You can bounce back too.

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